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New Year – Better Me? Don’t Let Pain Prevent Life!

Another year has come and gone, but unfortunately those pesky pains, aches, and old injuries likely didn’t go with it!

So, how can you FINALLY get break through to the pain free side?

Well, we have some AMAZING NEWS FOR YOU! We could tell you that we are “the best” or that you won’t find other forms of care that can compete with us, but you’ve heard that before… What you may not have known is that we are the ONLY credentialed outpatient physical and occupational therapy clinic in Mobile and Baldwin counties that can not only treat you in office, but we CAN COME TO YOU. Yes, you read that right! We have specialized credentialing that allows us to evaluate, treat, and connect with our patients from the comfort of their own home!

We have many people who call with questions about certain surgeries, or pain in specific locations – and while we could follow an exact same plan of treatment for all our patients, we refuse to do so! We want to treat YOU – THE INDIVIDUAL; Our clinicians will take the time to learn about you which ultimately lets us serve you in the best way we can!

At Rebound Rehab, we believe that a personal connection paired with exceptional care will provide each patient with the absolute best results possible. So why let pain control your life? Once the aches, pains, old sports, or work injuries are addressed by our team of talented clinicians, you will see an increase in quality of life, mental health, and the ability to do those activities we all love so much here in Lower Alabama.

Let’s move you to better health! Call us at anytime! You can reach us by phone at (251)342-9008; Email at or find us on our social media at ReboundRehab

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