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When Do I Need to See a Physical or Occupational Therapist?

Every day, we come across scenarios in which we already know the answer… Need gas in your vehicle? Time to go to the gas station. Feeling more tired than normal? Let’s catch up on some sleep. Craving a bit of extra energy in the morning? Grind the coffee beans. Feeling sick? Contact your doctor.


But how do you know when it’s time to see a physical or occupational therapist?


There are many reasons why seeking the help of a physical or occupational therapist could benefit you. Let’s dive into some of the reason.


Work or Sports Injuries

Every year, millions of Americans are injured in workplace related scenarios. Many times, these injuries aren’t taken very seriously or may not be disclosed at time of occurrence. If these injuries are left untreated, they may cause a lifetime of pain and problems and eventually result in poor work performance and chronic pain.


Sports Injuries can be debilitating, especially as you grow older. Untreated sports injuries from our days of glory can show up years down the road and effect your quality of life in your golden years. Most people who experience sports related injuries are young and if treated promptly and thoroughly, you can be back on the field in no time.


With these types of injuries, see a Physical Therapist as soon as possible to reduce recovery time and decrease your pain!


Balance Therapy/Training

Many health conditions could be reason enough for balance training, including stroke patients, people with Parkinson’s diagnoses, geriatrics, post-operative scenarios and anyone experiencing lower extremity weakness. Physical Therapy can help! If you are experiencing any problems with balance or have a fear of falling, our Physical Therapists can help rebuild your strength and help you move in the right direction.


Did you know? Our Occupational Therapists can also perform balance therapy if your balance issues impact daily life activities.


Back and Neck Pain

Oh, what a pain it is! Ever hear someone say their neck or back hurts? Or that it may be causing other issues? Millions of Americans experience Back and Neck pain every day! What you may not know, is that Physical Therapy can be a way to relieve those pains without utilizing medicine. Our therapists can provide different stretching techniques, correct your posture, assist in building core muscles, and strengthen muscles in your back and neck to stop and further prevent chronic pain. Physical Therapy can be used to alleviate many issues causing the pain we all love to hate!


Fine Motor Skills

Do you have difficulty performing everyday tasks that once used to be an afterthought? Occupational Therapy can help improve your fine motor skills in areas like preparing meals, performing household chores, writing, folding laundry and using utensils. Our Occupational Therapists can identify and put together a plan to improve your quality of life and make those everyday tasks as easy as ever.



Do I Need a Doctor’s Order for Therapy?

Currently, in the state of Alabama, yes. Now, there is discussion being held to remove barriers for direct access without a doctor’s order, but until that is complete you will need a doctor’s order. At Rebound Rehab our staff is trained in assisting you with any questions you may have about getting started with therapy.


If you are experiencing any of the issues above or have concerns regarding other physical ailments, please contact us today and we can discuss treatment options, plans of care tailored to each individual and any other questions you may have! You can also visit us at or check our socials to stay up to date!

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